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Superior pet care services in Fire Island, NY

Are you in Fire Island area looking for professional pet care services? Your search ends with Fire Island Vets. No one will understand how much you care about your pets better than we do; we feel the same way.

Dr Luckow has more than 37 years of experience caring for pets like yours.


We're functional from May to November in this location, and we’ll take every step possible to make sure pet is healthy and well cared for.

Looking for house call services in Fire Island? Why worry when Dr Luckow is here. When your pet is

feeling unwell, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Even minor surgeries can be done if necessary.


From Pines to Kismet and any other town in between, Dr Luckow will get to you by bicycle, water taxi or a stroll on the beach.

Your pets need us? We'll be right there!

Get prompt Veterinary house

call services in Fire Island, NY.

Call 631-236-7528

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